Accton Technology Corporation Receives Singapore’s 2011 CMO Asia “Best CSR Practices Award”

Taiwanese network manufacturer Accton Technology Corporation is proud to announce it is a recipient of the 2011 CMO Asia “Best CSR Practices Award.” Selected among businesses from 40 countries in Asia, Accton was recognized for the prestigious CMO Award based on its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Corporate sustainability, environmental responsibility, humanities, and education were among the many criteria considered. In 2011, nine global companies were chosen for this award including Microsoft, SingTel, Kraft Foods, and DHL. Accton Technology was the only Taiwanese company to earn this distinction.

Accton Technology is honored to be recognized for Singapore’s CMO Asia “Best CSR Practices Award.” Over the years, Accton has received a number of prestigious CSR awards in Taiwan. For example, in 2005, Accton earned an award for “Excellent Example of Corporate Social Responsibility.” The 2011 CMO Asia “Best CSR Practices Award” marks the first time the company has been recognized internationally, which is an enormous achievement that reflects positively on all those hard-working employees that made this possible. Beyond the steady support and encouragement for Accton’s continued focus on the environment, public welfare, and society, the bigger picture for Accton is to continue to lead Taiwanese companies by exercising good corporate social responsibility. Attaining international recognition only reaffirms this commitment.

During the CMO Asia “Best CSR Practices Award” ceremony, Accton was acknowledged for the continued support through their e-charity website, ( Accton’s CSR activities are not only about “doing the right thing” or making charitable contributions. More importantly, they are about creating shared value. Accton utilizes its core competency of network communications and integrates social responsibility into the company’s overall strategy. One concrete example: constructing a website platform that encourages people to participate and work together in a synergistic manner to assist the community at large.

Twenty-four years of continued technological development has helped Accton gain valuable insight into the impact technology has on society. Besides bringing convenience to people’s lives, networks provide freedom, openness, and the ability to share our aspirations and ideals with each other, bringing us even closer together, and allowing us the ability to unite and work together to improve society.
In 2001, Accton established Accton’s e-Charity platform, integrating network technologies and social responsibility. Through the “Direct Donation-Direct Help” concept, infrastructure was established to provide a responsive and suitable bridge between those in need and those who were willing to help make a difference. Currently, Accton’s e-Charity website collaborates with charitable organizations to circulate and distribute information on various social cases. It also serves as a platform for the public to be informed about any social cases in need of assistance or support. This public accessibility allows anyone with concern about a particular case to follow-up with the most up-do-date news, and to provide continued support and donations. Accton’s e-Charity platform accepts donations through account remittances. Partnered with banking institutions, Accton hopes to provide a convenient and safe method for donations while allowing a greater number of people to participate in charitable causes.

In addition, utilizing network technologies and a comprehensive program, Accton’s e-Charity platform is not only a one-way outlet for information and support for public welfare. It connects people with many public welfare organizations, providing a platform of information exchange. The limitless boundaries of the Internet bring together voices from all over the world that may otherwise be unheard of and also help channel enormous amounts of resources efficiently and effectively.

Apart from social welfare programs, in 2000 Accton Technologies also established the Accton Arts Foundation and the Arttime website ( As part of the movement towards online social networks, this website serves as a platform for innovators to display and share their art, ideas, and concepts with other artists alike. Not only is this platform a way to share and collaborate, but an incubator for aspiring artists to continue to tell the story of human civilization through new and innovative methods.

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