Accton and PDC Launch the World's First 802.11g SDIO Products - Combining the strengths of two companies in wireless module developing and SDIO manufacturing

HSINCHU, TAIWAN – Feb. 8, 2006 – Accton Technology Corporation of Taiwan (TAIEX: 2345) global leading partner for networking and communications solutions, and PDC (Power Digital Card Co., Ltd), a global leading memory card manufacturer,today jointly announced the launch of their 802.11g SDIO products, the world's first successful product in specturn technology.It is the first 802.11g SDIO product in the world to enable PDA mobile phone users directly access Wi-Fi hot spots for low cost VoIP service.The product comes with low power consumption and water proof quality, targeted at mobile users.

Ken Lu, Accton Co-founder & Exective R&D Vice President says, “With Accton in-house radio wireless development, we are very pleased to announce the first 802.11g SDIO card in the world.The product provides the enhanced connnectivity and low power consumption, which are important for PDA mobile users.We believe it will be widely accepted and used by mobile users as their hand-held cost-saving telephony device.With PDC's technology and high quality capabilities, both companies will enable more and more mobile PDA users to enjoy low cost VoIP service.And, with such in-house wireless & SDIO developing capability,Accton, as the leading networking solution providers,would continue to our mission to develop the series products like 802.11n, Wi-Fi SDIO..etc to enable all the hand-held devices to network together.”

According to Gen Shueh, Chief Strategy Officer of PDC, “Both companies utilized their know-how to complete such an advanced product.802.11g SDIO cards will be made with PDC's patented injection process and fortified with Duratect (durable protection technology – www.duratect.com). This will allow the product to be very rigid and durable for long term use, not like other products in the market which are made with ultrasonic, resulting in flimsy and easy to break products. The durability can even allow a 2 ton vehicle to run over the product without causing damage. PDC's know-how in the memory card industry along with Accton's advanced wireless technologies has made the project successful in less than 2 months time. With such a competitive partner, PDC and Accton will continue to launch new products in the future.”

Wireless LAN 2.4GHz 802.11b/g SDIO Card (model no. WM1212M) will be sampling in February and mass production in March.

  • WM1212M main features:
  • Low power consumption
  • SDIO standard (SDIO Card Specification Ver. 1.00) supported
  • High-speed wireless LAN connection, up to 54 Mbps standard
  • Backward compatible to the existing IEEE 802.11b
  • Security: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA (TKIP, AES) supported
  • OS supported by driver: WinCE 4.2/5.0, Pocket PC 2003, Mobile 5.0, and Linux 2.4.
  • Size: 24mmX43mmX2.1mm
  • Seamless roaming between 802.11b and 802.11g
  • Fortified with Duratect (waterproof, dustproof, shock proof, ESD proof)

About Accton Technology Corporation

Accton Technology Corporation (TAIEX: 2345) is a global premier provider of networking and communications solutions for top tier networking, computer, and telecommunications vendors.Leveraging its advanced software applications and state-of-the-art ASIC, Accton collaborates with its strategic partners to design, develop and manufacture innovative, leading-edge technologies.The company's constantly-evolving core technology, highly-qualified employees and aggressive cost engineering make it possible for Accton to deliver superior products that are as affordable as they are robust.For more information about Accton and its subsidiaries, visit www.accton.com.

About Power Digital Card Co, Ltd

Power Digital Card was founded in 1998 and started R&D on the design and manufacturing of memory cards in early 1999. Having significant results by 2000, PDC has been granted numerous fundamental patents around the world on its technologies. Power Digital Card is both a Board Member of the MMCA (MultiMedidaCard) and SDA (SD Card) and is one of the leading memory card manufacturers in the world today. For more information on Power Digital Card, please visit: http://www.pdcstyle.com