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Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Accton is committed to abide by applicable local laws and regulations of the countries where we operate.


Employment is voluntary. We do not hire people by means of threats or coercive conditions. All employees are treated with respect and dignity. Accton will not use child labor and will not use corporal punishment, abuse, or physical coercion. Accton will not discriminate in hiring, promotion, training, compensation of employees, or employment practices based on race, ethnicity, social origin, social status, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, union membership, political affiliation, or age.

Wages and Benefits

Accton adheres to local labor laws and regulations, offering competitive salary and benefits packages.

Intellectual Property

Accton will protect our own and clients’ intellectual property.


Employees are encouraged to openly communicate and share their opinions and ideas with the management team. Accton welcomes external feedback via a dedicated mailbox.

Business Conduct

Accton is committed to uphold the highest integrity and ethics in operations and employee management. Any form of bribery, corruption, fraudulence, and other behavior that violates such principles is strictly prohibited.


Accton will enhance our involvement in community activities, and encourage our partners to participate in making a positive impact on society.

Conflict Minerals

Accton will continue to adhere to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) code of conduct in that we will only procure minerals from conflict-free sources. We have adopted management tools developed by the EICC-GeSI (the Global e-Sustainability Initiative) to examine if our suppliers have implemented this policy. For more information on the EICC, please visit http://www.eicc.info

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