Notice of Corporation Social Responsibility (“CSR”) of Accton Group

To implement the Corporation Social Responsibility is of the important policy of Accton Group. Therefore, the affiliates of Accton Group are required to uphold its best faith and integrity to conduct the business, transparently and fairly, with our business partners in pursuance of a long-term partnership. To this end, we, hereby, would like to inform you of Accton Group’s CSR policy and the Dedicated Mailbox thereof as the enclosure hereunder. We also look forward to your compliance with this policy to well implement the Corporation Social Responsibility policy of your company. We sincerely expect that you will contact us through this Dedicated Mailbox under the circumstance that you are aware or discover any behavior of Accton Group’s employee which is violating this CSR policy or could be illegal. We will keep the strict confidence to proceed with any relevant investigation immediately.

Dedicated Mailbox:

Accton Group

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