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Supply Chain

Accton’s 30 years of experience in supplying global top-tier players with quality network products also includes its comprehensive supply-chain services. By maintaining close working relationships with both upstream and downstream suppliers, Accton can retain reliable and stable sources of materials to ensure that production always meets delivery commitments on time.

Customers require responsive supply chain management systems that are also flexible and efficient. Accton’s complete supply, planning, and logistic services focus on three main areas to continuously improve supply-chain management.

  • Open Communication — Using web-based communication platforms facilitates the direct integration of both upstream and downstream suppliers. These platforms include material and supplier management and vendor-managed inventory (VMI), where the supplier takes responsibility for maintaining a certain level of inventory. The end result is more efficient procurement procedures, accurate material planning, and flexible delivery schedules.

  • Efficiency — To maintain and improve efficiency of the supply chain firstly requires constant communication with suppliers and vendors. This communication delivers the best and most economical operation for customers and ensures sufficient materials and aggressive procurement plans to fulfill customer demands. Efficiency and cost savings are also facilitated through an auto-scheduling system that controls supplies from FCST/order to MP, making it easy to adjust production capacity to meet customer needs.

  • Better Service — Accton always strives to provide the best possible services to its customers. The real-time feedback from customers and suppliers is one the main avenues for improving services. In addition to Accton’s alliances with strategic partners, a number of systems aid supplier management, including process (P/O, production, shipping) lead-time monitoring, central control of shipping schedules, qualified vendor management, and procurement management.

Moving forward, Accton will continue to leverage worldwide production resources and employ the best possible systems in order to meet on-time delivery objectives. As an important part of operations, the supply-chain management will always support and complement Accton’s quality manufacturing and excellent technology innovation.

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