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Benefits and Well-being

Accton cares for the physical and emotional well-being of our employees. To balance work and private life, Accton offers the following benefits: compensation, leisure, healthcare services, nursery and day-care center, parking spots for expectant mothers, sports clubs and facilities… etc.


  • Flexible leave program

  • Employees can receive travel benefits when traveling together

  • One year unpaid sick leave for employees with a serious illness or injury

  • Three Lunar festival bonuses (Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival), as well as birthday coupons

  • Subsidies for marriage, childbirth, hospitalization, and funerals

  • Staff canteen

  • Parking spots reserved for expectant mothers

  • Onsite day-care center and nursery for 2 months to 6-year-olds. Employees’ children enjoy a tuition fee discount.


  • A competitive salary

  • Statutory labor insurance, national health insurance, and monthly pension contribution

  • Three Lunar festival bonuses, profit sharing, and patent-related awards that reward excellent performance

  • A monthly transportation subsidy of NT$ 750

  • A monthly allowance of NT$3,000 for each of two employees that become a couple


  • A 7-Eleven convenience store

  • A cafeteria

  • A rooftop garden

  • Accton E-platform: Engages employees in charitable works to care for the needy, socially-disadvantaged children, and farmers.

  • Accton Arts Foundation: Hosts arts and cultural events for employees and local communities

  • Various activities to choose from: Movies, hiking, bowling, table tennis, badminton, sports competitions… etc.


  • Employee health management: Onsite outpatient ENT, dental, and occupational medicine services that prevent occupational diseases.

  • Free annual general medical examination

  • Health Protection: Care for mothers from pregnancy to one year after delivery. General health monitoring of work stress and musculoskeletal symptoms

  • Health-promoting activities: A wide variety of health talks, preventive health screenings, and health-promoting activities

  • Friendly environment: A lactation room, rest areas

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