Accton announces a prototype 3.2 Tbps on-board optical switch solution for data center top-of-rack and spine

Hsinchu, Taiwan – May 11, 2020 – Accton Technology Corporation (Accton) (TWSE: 2345), a premier provider of networking and communications solutions, today announced that it has developed a prototype 3.2 Tbps data center switch with 32 100G CWDM4 ports implementing on-board optical modules and a simplified fiber routing system.

As a leader in the design of open hardware platforms for data centers, Accton has unveiled a prototype 3.2 Tbps on-board optics (OBO) solution using Cisco’s 4x100G CWDM4 OptoPHY modules and Browave’s LC-MDM connectors. The data center switch implements an optimized fiber routing system using LC-MDM (Mux/Demux with LC connector) to replace the existing fiber Mux/Demux box, directly linking on-board optical modules to LC connectors. The simplified fiber routing saves processing time and results in significantly improved manufacturing yield and system reliability. The switch’s 1RU form factor is identical to other Accton 3.2 Tbps top-of-rack switches and the 32 front-panel LC ports operate as if they were standard 100G CWDM4 QSFP28 pluggable transceivers.

The Accton 32-port, 1RU switch integrates eight Cisco 4x100G-CWDM4 OBO modules, or OptoPHYs. Each OptoPHY OBO module includes a high I/O density silicon photonics chipset, which aggregates four independent CAUI-4 electrical channels, a total of 16x25G lanes, and converts them into optical channels on the CWDM4 wavelength grid. The optics output feeds into the Browave LC-MDM connectors, finishing the conversion to 100G-CWDM4 ports. Eight integrated OptoPHY OBO modules result in 32x100G CWDM4 LC connector pairs presented at the switch’s front panel.

Browave Corporation (Browave) (TWSE: 3163), is a leading company in functional optical design, process design, and manufacturing for data center and fiber communication applications.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new product – LC-MDM (Mux and Demux function with LC connector). LC-MDM is a duplex LC connecting MDM (Mux and Demux) that provides the external MDM functions linking to a high-speed transceiver module or On-Board Optics (OBO) module. Mounting LC-MDMs in the front panel of a rack-module can optimize the assembly space and simplify the layout for switching system designers. LC-MDM is mini-size, compatible with duplex LC and Quad LC connectors. It supports 16-port, 32-port, and 64-port MDM linking through high-port fiber array or multiport MT connectors in 1U high-density, high-channel CWDM ports in systems for 100G/400G applications.

About Accton

Accton Technology is a global premier provider of networking and communications solutions for top-tier networking, computer, and telecommunications vendors. Leveraging its advanced hardware engineering, software applications and system design capability, Accton collaborates with its strategic partners to architect, develop, and manufacture innovative, leading-edge network products. Accton’s evolving core technology and its highly qualified global workforce enable it to deliver superior distributed virtual network solutions that are affordable and robust.

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About Browave

Browave Corporation is a leading company in micro-optics and fiber-optics design, and a supplier of high-quality, industrial standard optical devices and module products. Dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation for more than 20 years, Browave is also recognized as a reliable CM/OEM/ODM partner for many of the first-tier companies in the industry and proudly offers customers advanced solutions for high volume manufacturing.
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