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At the very beginnings of the Internet era in 1988, a small group of enthusiastic engineers started Accton Technology Corporation with a vision of the importance that networking products would have in the future of computing. From basic Ethernet and Token-Ring products, Accton grew rapidly to become a major OEM/ODM supplier for global top-tier players, gaining recognition for technical innovation and manufacturing quality. With the success of the company being propelled by the Internet boom, Accton eventually moved to Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park where its international headquarters remains today.

Now, after 32 years of network product design and development experience, Accton has a highly-qualified global workforce that produces leading-edge products that are affordable and reliable. As a leader in the design of open hardware platforms for data center, carrier access, campus, SD-WAN networks, and IoT. Accton works closely with its long-term global partnerships to deliver the next-generation designs that customers demand.

As Accton has expanded into a group of companies, it remains an active participant in local society with a strong sense of social responsibility, supporting environmental awareness in all its designs and manufacturing processes. Looking to the future, Accton’s vision and mission can be summarized by the following:

  • Be the leader in providing open networking solutions with best-in-class technology and quality
  • Meet emerging demand for new platforms, software, services (XaaS)
  • Carefor all stakeholders, from investors to employees, community and society

Accton has a policy to always maintain the highest integrity and honesty when conducting business. The company slogan, “Making Partnership Work,” demonstrates Accton’s total commitment to its partners and how it places the highest value on forming long-term partnerships that create maximum benefit for all.

「Making Partnership Work」

Making Partnership Work is not only a company slogan, but our belief in sustainable development.