Corporate Social Responsibility

A Message From The Chairman

Trust, passion, courage, collaboration, and perfection Accton Group’s core values and we believe employees are our greatest asset. Accton’s logo represents a tree of knowledge and wisdom.

It symbolizes the passion and talents of Accton’s staff and partners, working together as a collaborative power for maximum abundance.

As we continue to develop Internet communication technologies, we believe that corporate growth and profitability must be based on optimizing the happiness of local residents. From caring for our employees and enhancing our charity work, to promoting culture and arts, this has always been part of our business philosophy and action since our establishment.

As Accton has expanded into a group of companies, it remains an active participant in local society with a strong sense of social responsibility, supporting environmental awareness in all its designs and manufacturing processes. Looking to the future, Accton’s vision and mission can be summarized by the following:

  • To passionately deliver the best quality IP-centric network solutions.
  • To maintain a global leadership in open IT infrastructure.
  • To contribute and care for the community by leveraging our technology.

2018 was the third year we incorporated corporate social responsibility as one of the key indices of our self-evaluation. Apart from performance and profitability, we aim to achieve sound corporate governance in a balance with stakeholders’ interests. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing, improving our supply chain management, embracing diversity and inclusion, and contributing to our society.

Environmental Sustainability

Accton recognizes that the Earth has limited resources and that sustainable development is of the utmost importance, therefore Accton is committed to its certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems for product design, development, and manufacturing. An ISO 14001 renewal audit was conducted in Jun 2017 and Accton fulfilled all the requirements for ISO 14001:2015 certification. Accton has continuously reduced waste through sorting, reusing, and recycling waste. Accton has continuously reduced waste through sorting, reusing, and recycling. The annual recycling rate has improved from 64.9% (total waste 353.316 tons; reused waste 229.464 tons) in 2017 to 73.6% (total waste 437.452 tons; reused waste 322.168 tons) in 2018.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Accton has implemented new sustainable policies into our supply chain management. All the components, modules, and materials used are in full compliance with a list of restricted substances specified in the Control Standards for Accton Hazardous Substances (document no. QPC-CE05). The restrictions are not only limited to the six substances regulated by the EU RoHS (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substance’ Directive 2011/65/EU), but also includes items regulated by international environmental law and our global customers. In addition, we have built a sustainable supply chain information management platform, called the eGreen System, in order to incorporate sustainable materials from the beginning of product design, and significantly improve the reliability of sustainable products and verification processes. We have hosted supplier meetings and declared our determination to fulfill global criteria for environmental protection and quality management.

Diversity and Inclusion

Employees are Accton’s most valuable asset. We are committed to offering our staff a competitive salary and benefits, well-defined promotion pathways, and a safe workplace. We also create an enjoyable learning atmosphere that fosters innovation, attracts and retains top talent, and ensures diversity and inclusion. Multiple communication channels are provided for employees, including regular labor management meetings, Accton BBS (employee intranet), anonymous employee feedback mailbox, and others. In 2018, Accton received an award from the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau in recognition of our efforts in creating an outstanding work environment for gender equality and family friendliness.

Charity, Arts and Culture Events

Since the establishment of Accton’s E-platform for charitable works in 1999, we have been caring for needy people, supporting socially-disadvantaged children to attend school, and having our staff engaged in charity events. In 2018, Accton E-Charity assisted 227 families in need with NTD $2,603,215. We have accompanied 1,351 families through their darkest periods since 2001, with NTD $105,468,020 donated directly to these families through the Accton E-platform. In mid-2018, Accton introduced paid-volunteering leave to encourage employees to participate in charitable activities. Since 2000, Accton Arts Foundation has facilitated cultural and arts education. In recent years, through partnering with local communities, we have revitalized monuments and promoted community participation.

Accton has a policy to always maintain the highest integrity and honesty when conducting business. The company slogan, “Making Partnership Work,” demonstrates Accton’s total commitment to its partners and how it places the highest value on forming long-term partnerships that create maximum benefit for all.

As we continue to improve our operational performance, we will disclose more data on non-financial aspects in our sustainability reports. In 2018, more than half of the Board members were independent directors. We will always maintain the highest integrity and honesty when conducting business, be committed to sustainable development, and provide greater transparency and disclosure in corporate social responsibility reports. We invite you to follow our progress, and welcome your feedback so that we can keep improving and thriving in the future.

Chairman of Accton Technology Corporation FAI-LONG KUO