Happy Workplace

Employees are Accton’s most valuable asset. We believe that keeping talents is one important factor of corporate sustainability. Accton is committed to offering competitive salary and benefits, comprehensive advancement with professional development pathways, and a safe workplace. Compliant with local labor laws, we recruit employees based on their professional abilities. Accton never discriminates in regards to hiring, promotion, training, compensation of employees, or employment practices based on race, religion, skin color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or political affiliation. Accton is committed to promoting gender equality and ethnic diversity in the workplace, regularly reviewing and releases human resources reports. The following charts show the statistics of our staff by gender, age groups and type.

Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave

Accton’s employment policy is compliant with the Gender Equality Act, which includes unpaid parental leave. According to the act, both male and female employees are eligible to apply. Applicants must meet the following requirements: (1) both husband and wife are actively employed when applying; (2) employees have been in service for at least six months; (3) employees must apply before the child reaches three years of age; (4) the period of the parental leave for each application must be at least six months, and cannot exceed two years.

Learning and Development: Professional Training

Design, and technology research and development has always been Accton’s key area of focus for growth. In addition, it is the target for Accton’s professional employee training. Integral with our strategies and goals, we established a professional curriculum for R&D personnel, and developed knowledge management as the foundation for design and innovation. Within the last year, 980 attendees participated in professional training courses, resulting in 2,055 hours of training in total.

Occupational Safety Management

Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Accton is committed to providing a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace. In compliance with local laws, our occupational health and safety committee meets regularly, and our labor representation level is 48%, higher than what the statuary regulation demands (30%).

We conduct regular equipment safety inspections and maintenance work, disaster prevention drills and employee health examinations, to minimize unsafe worksite conditions and behaviors. Accton continues to invest resources to actively improve or eliminate potential hazards. Accordingly, to effectively implement and manage workplace safety, we are committed to:

  • Complying with domestic occupational safety and health regulations, and effectively implement and continuously improve our safety and health management systems.
  • Following the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and obtain third party verification.
  • Strengthening staff safety education, supplier and contractor safety management, and generally provide and promote environmental safety and health training.
  • Immediately inspecting unsafe actions and environments in order to prevent accidents.
  • Managing our staff’s health to ensure their safety.

To manage our commitment to workplace health and safety, Accton has a department that manages both the occupational health and safety of our staff and the safety of our equipment, facilities and environment, including:

Maintenance Procedures and Audit

Maintaining and updating the OHSAS 18001 standard, conducting internal audits and ensuring external audits are performed as planned.

Comprehensive Safety and Health Training Program 

All staff receive relevant training on workplace safety including new hires, current employees, special operations staff, and employees involved with chemicals.

Emergency Response Team and Drills

An onsite emergency response team is continuously alert for any possible events. All employees, including staff from branch offices participate in safety workshops and emergency drills.

Workplace Safety

Establishing and maintaining procedures to prevent, track, manage and report occupational injuries and illnesses. Performing inspections and audits to ensure the safety of the working environment.

Workplace Inspection

To maintain a good working environment, we conduct an inspection semi-annually and publish the results. The Inspection includes measurements of: (1) noise and lighting levels; and (2) carbon dioxide, organic solvents, tin and metal dust levels. The results are compliant with local government regulations.

Safety and Health Information Exchange

Disseminating safety and health information through BBS intranet, emails, and bulletin boards, the health and safety department actively participates in seminars hosted by government agencies obtaining the latest information. We regularly raise staff’s safety awareness and participation through various communication channels, enhancing the health and safety of our employees.

Results of Occupational Safety and Health Management  

The table on the left shows the disabling injury frequency rate (FR) and severity rate (SR) of workplace injuries and road traffic accidents in 2017.

Health Promotion

Accton’s onsite Wellness Clinic has been recognized as a healthy workplace by the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Health Promotion Administration. Employees are Accton’s most important asset. And because of this, to promote health in the workplace, a Health Management Office was established to manage the medical needs and well-being of our employees. The onsite Wellness Clinic provides a private space for health checks, health counseling, basic medical care, rest and a lactation* room. The clinic hosts health related activities including physical medical checks, result analysis and management of employee well-being.
*Our lactation room was verified and rated as excellent by the Hsinchu City Public Health Bureau.

Onsite Occupational Medicine Service

Since 2011, occupational medicine physicians from the National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu branch have been providing onsite medical counselling and treatment.

Health Protection Plan

In Compliance with Article 13 of Occupational Safety and Health Act and Articles 7 and 8 of Labor Health Protection Regulations, Accton has implemented a human factor protection plan, maternity protection and overload prevention measures.

AED Emergency Rescue

In case of an emergency, Accton is equipped with one AED (automated external defibrillator) kit and periodically provides employees emergency rescue training (AED + CPR).

Health Screening and Activities

Cancer Screening

The Wellness Clinic hosts free screening tests for breast cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer and colon cancer, in compliance with the Health Promotion Administration policies. In addition, Accton offers free LDCT (low dose computed tomography) for lung and breast cancer screenings. By promoting awareness of cancer prevention and regular screening procedures, cancer can be detected and treated at its early stages.

Hepatitis Prevention

Some carriers of the Hepatitis C carriers can develop chronic liver disease, cirrhosis or liver cancer. The clinic arranges regular monitoring for our employees to improve the chances for early treatment.

Speed Walking Competition

For the past five years, the clinic hosts a speed walking competition to achieve the goal of walking 10,000 steps a day as encouraged by the Health Promotion Administration. By competing in teams, many of our staff encouraged one another to achieve the 10,000 step a day goal, resulting in employee weight loss and fitness improvement.

Smoking Cessation Program

Since 2016, the Wellness Clinic has provided a smoking cessation program to help our employees “kick the habit”. In 2017, 53 employees participated in this program.

Health Lectures

We hold continuing lectures promoting employee health awareness. Past topics covered influenza prevention, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal injury prevention, sleep apnea, skin care, weight loss, and cancer prevention diet.

Blood Donation

In the year 2000, Accton charitably donated a bloodmobile to Hsinchu City, and every year since, the wellness clinic hosts 2 to 4 blood donation events outside of our Hsinchu headquarter. The blood bank records show that since 2009, Accton employees have donated 2,433 blood bags.