Flexible wired connectivity and high-density wireless access

For over 30 years Accton has been a major provider of wired and wireless solutions for campus and enterprise networks. From the earliest Ethernet hubs and switches to the latest gigabit wireless access points, Accton has consistently developed cost-effective networking equipment that delivers optimum performance and reliability.

With the amount of experience gained over many years, Accton has built an extremely strong engineering team capable of delivering the highest-quality solutions for all possible campus applications. Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switches have always been at the center of Accton’s development efforts, but wireless access points and controllers as well as cloud management have become equally important in recent years. As bandwidth demands keep increasing, Accton will continue to design and develop products that meet the challenge of the rapidly changing campus network environment.

Wired Network Solutions

Accton’s campus switch designs include modular components that allow for maximum feature flexibility, or are highly integrated systems that minimize cost. The designs include a full range of port configurations up to 10G/25G, with multi-rate IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE/PoE+/UPoE (90 W) options, or high-bandwidth stack backplane connections. Accton’s switches fulfill deployment requirements for anywhere within a campus network, either at the edge, aggregation, or core, or perform specific functions such as for wired-wireless convergence.

Part of Accton’s services for its switch products includes the software for hardware bringup and diagnostics, bootloader development, and manufacturing test support. These software services are complemented by Accton’s own switch operating system based on Linux. Accton’s experienced software team has developed the full-featured L2/3/4 switch software for over 15 years, which includes comprehensive network management functions. The software is capable of supporting all major switch controller silicon and multiple CPU architectures.

Wireless Network Solutions

Accton has been a leader in the design of campus access points from the very beginning of Wi-Fi. As wireless standards have developed over the years, Accton has kept pace and continued to deliver indoor and outdoor access point designs that meet the challenges of the rapidly increasing number of wireless-capable devices.

Today, Accton’s talented RF engineers have implemented Gigabit wireless technologies in field-proven, flexible, modular designs that include high-capacity 802.11ax, 802.11ac, 60GHz millimeter-wave, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) options. Additionally, patented antenna designs with adaptive MIMO smart antennas and 60 GHz beam-steering antenna arrays have been developed to enhance the performance of these wireless systems. Accton has also successfully delivered the world’s first long distance 60 GHz point-to-point outdoor bridge for Gigabit backhaul connections with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi backup. As wireless networks evolve, Accton will continue to produce innovative software-defined, multi-band, multi-radio devices, and wireless-fiber hybrid solutions that meet the capacity demanded by campus, enterprise, and WISP markets.

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Flexible wired connectivity and high-density wireless access

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