Watch, command, and secure your valuable assets at anytime, from anywhere

With the rapid development in home and business security cameras, Accton would like home and SMB users to take advantage of our cloud-based video surveillance system solutions that give you peace of mind at your fingertips.

Through high-resolution 1080p IP cameras with stylish design, a free Secure Watch Mobile application, and affordable monthly cloud-based storage plans, you can monitor your home, properties, small offices, deliveries, restaurants, warehouses or retail stores from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Users can simultaneously monitor multiple locations, including remote facilities – all you need are IP cameras and a broadband connection. View, communicate with and protect your pets, family, elderly, and employees as they respond to events or situations 24/7, with off-site, protected long-term video storage.

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Cloud-Based Video Surveillance System Solutions

Watch, command, and secure your valuable assets at anytime, from anywhere

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