Accton and its Subsidiary IgniteNet™ Receive the Taiwan Excellence Award 2019 for the MetroLinq™ 10G Tri-Band Omni

Accton Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2345) and its subsidiary IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni passed the 27th Taiwan Excellence Award selection and today receives the Taiwan Excellence Award 2019. Earlier this year, the 10G Tri-Band Omni received the Best Choice Golden Award from COMPUTEX TAIPEI, a leading global ICT and IoT show held annually in Taipei, Taiwan.

IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 10G Tri-band Omni is the world’s first point-to-multipoint outdoor base station that integrates 60GHz, 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. It provides high performance, interference-free connections worldwide up to 10Gbps, and can deliver multi-Gigabit, fiber-like connections to as many as 24 client APs. While many similar products focus on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, the innovative values of the MetroLinq 10G Tri-band Omni lie in the combination use of the 802.11ad/pre-802.11ay technologies to form the 360-degree coverage that enables high capacity backhaul and last mile dedicated access link on a noise-free 60GHz frequency. The 5GHz radio can serve as a backup for 60 GHz links. Both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz radios can provide access for nearby Wi-Fi clients. The MetroLinq 10G Omni can be easily managed as a standalone device or through a multi-language cloud platform. The cloud-controlled operating system enables a centralized management of all MetroLinq 60GHz devices and all IgniteNet wireless and access devices across regions.

IgniteNet offers 5G fixed wireless access and wireless backhaul applications for telecommunications operators, internet service providers, governments, and smart cities to meet the increasing demands for AR/VR, 4K, video streaming, smart cities, and dense urban environments that require bandwidth-intensive applications. IgniteNet’s solutions can facilitate development of new business models, enable faster deployment of multi-gigabit connections compared with extending fiber networks, and drastically lower CAPEX and OPEX, thus, helping customers to save significant TCO.

Among 1,127 products that applied for the award, the MetroLinq 10G Tri-Band Omni was rigorously assessed by national and international judges of R&D, design, quality and marketing professions, and was recognized as an outstanding product that offers innovative values. The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote Taiwan’s industries in the international market. Today, the Taiwan Excellence Awards have had 26 iterations and the mark of Taiwan Excellence has become a common brand for Taiwanese products with innovative values, renowned in the international market for the excellence and quality that are associated with the mark.

About IgniteNet

IgniteNet, founded in 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Accton group with headquarters in Irvine, CA and offices in Europe and Asia. IgniteNet has a proven track record of producing powerful, reliable, easy to deploy, and innovative cloud managed wireless solutions and the industry’s lowest cost 60 GHz wireless technology through channel partners worldwide, focusing on Enterprises and Service Providers. For more information, please visit

About Accton

Accton Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2345) is a global premier provider of networking and communications solutions. After 30 years of network product design and development experience, Accton has built a highly-qualified global workforce that produces leading-edge integrated open hardware and software solutions for data center, carrier access, and campus networks. Accton works closely with its long-term global partners to deliver the next-generation designs that customers demand. Accton and its subsidiaries have 4300 employees worldwide, and the consolidated revenue for 2017 was USD 1.19 billion. For more information about Accton, please visit