HSINCHU, Taiwan, April 10, 2020 –On April 10, 2020 the Board of Directors of Accton Technology Corporation met and approved the appointment of Mr. Edgar Masri as the new President of Accton Technology Corporation, effective immediately. Mr. Masri also serves as the CEO of the Accton Group. Former President of Accton Technology Corporation, Mr. Chih-Chiang Lee, resigned from his position as President on April 10, 2020.

Accton’s revenue and net profit reached a record high in 2019 thanks to President Lee’s considerable contributions. All employees of Accton are thankful for his contribution and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.

Following the board meeting, Mr. Fai-Long Kuo, Chairman of the Accton Group, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Chih-Chiang Lee for his contributions to Accton over the years: “The challenges he has faced and the results he has created together with us, as well as his dedication to our customers, colleagues, and shareholders are all cherished memories.”

Mr. Edgar Masri, CEO of the Accton Group and new President of Accton Technology Corporation, said that Mr. Lee’s achievements during his tenure as Accton’s President are important milestones for the company. It has enabled Accton to build a stronger foundation, seize the opportunities arising from technological innovation, and help Accton deliver on its mission.

As the innovative and transformative impact of open networking technology gradually spreads from hyper-scale data centers to the telecom and enterprise network markets, new opportunities will arise for the Accton Group. And as the company faces new competition and challenges, it will thrive through innovation, creativity and fast execution.

About Accton

Accton Technology Corporation is a global premier provider of networking and communication solutions for top-tier networking, computer, and telecommunications vendors. Leveraging its advanced hardware engineering, software application, and system design capability, Accton collaborates with its strategic partners to architect, develop and manufacture the innovative, leading-edge network products. Accton’s evolving core technology and its highly-qualified global workforce enable it to deliver superior distributed virtual network solutions that are affordable and robust to variety market segment.

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