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High-speed, high-density, standardized OCP-compliant platforms

Accton is a leading provider of open hardware network fabric for cloud data centers and is also a prominent contributor to the OCP Networking Project. Accton’s experienced engineering team has developed a full range of Top-of-Rack (ToR) and spine switches supporting interface speeds from 1G, 10G, 25G, up to 100G.

In addition to its switch hardware, Accton has developed a range of high-performance open server platforms for the data center. These servers and server appliances integrate computing, storage, and networking into a single device that can be configured for any number of applications. Being based on Intel® x86 communications hardware, these platforms are truly open. You can either install available operating system and application software for common tasks, or build a customized device to fulfill a specific function.

Data Center Switches

High density and high performance are basic requirements for data center ToR and spine switches deployed in folded-Clos architectures. Accton delivers OCP-compliant switches that meet the demands of data center operation with high-availability switches that support multiple 10/25/40/100G interfaces. Accton’s high-capacity Open Modular Platform (OMP) supports up to 512 non-blocking 100G switch ports in a chassis that simplifies cabling and lowers equipment costs and power consumption.

All Accton data center switches are designed in a flexible modular format that not only offers a choice in switch silicon and CPU, but also enables a shorter development cycle. Each switch design undergoes a rigorous engineering review process that increases reliability and ensures that products perform to their maximum capability. As cloud data centers evolve, Accton will be ready to deliver cost-effective, open bare-metal hardware that provides a solid investment for the future.

Cloud Server Appliances

In addition to its data center switches, Accton has developed a number of high-performance servers and server appliances for the cloud data center. These open platforms combine computing, storage, and high-speed connectivity in flexible designs that can be configured to perform a range of applications, including Unified Threat Management (UTM), WAN optimization, and virtual CPE functions.

These server systems deliver high-density computing capability for virtualization with high-speed and low-latency storage. To improve performance, there is the ability to offer acceleration through CPU offload to smart network interface cards. As computing, storage, and networking converge, Accton will continue to innovate high-capacity, scalable platforms ideal for the future of open software-defined infrastructure.

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