Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Work

Every giving heart shall plant a seed of love, which will grow and give back to the needy. Based on this belief, Accton Technology Corporation founded Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation in 1999. Accton has committed to care for this beloved place where we established our company and the people who need help. Together with local communities’ loving participation, we hope to bring heaven on earth.

Two major social welfare platforms

Accton Cultural and Educational Foundation (since 1999)
Provide aid to children from underprivileged families in rural areas through Christmas Make-A-Wish gifts, free breakfast, and scholarships.

Juridical Association for Taiwan Charitable Service (since 2003)
Provide aid to individuals and families in need of emergency assistance via fundraising campaigns on our E-platform and referral services.

Direct Donation-Direct Help platform

Accton’s E-Platform for Charity (Since 2001)
Provide a free platform utilized by other charitable organizations in Taiwan in actions of fundraising and dissemination of goods as well as donation requests.

charity eplatform accton

Help Families in Need

Based on the idea of donation-direct help, the Accton E-Charity website,, was created with Accton’s networking expertise in 2001. The E-platform enables people to directly donate to families and individuals with personal emergency assistance in their time of need.

In 2018, Accton E-Charity assisted 227 families in need with NTD $2,603,215. We have accompanied 1,351 families since 2001 and donated NTD $105,468,020 through their darkest periods since being established. We will continue our work to bring hope and laughter into others’ lives.

The following is a list of significant services Accton E-Charity provides:
1. Subsidies: When a breadwinner is unable to support his or her family due to an emergency, a severe illness, or a natural disaster.
2. Medical Aid: Subsidies for individuals living with severe illness or injury, where treatment is unaffordable to the individuals or their caretakers, and such treatment is not covered by the benefit package of the national health insurance or labor insurance.
3. Funeral Assistance: For people from low-income families who are unable to afford funeral expenses.
4. Disaster Relief: Subsidies for families that are affected in the short term by a serious natural or human-made disaster that has caused economic damage.

Accton provides a free platform that enables people to make direct donations to trusted charity groups online, as well as to report emergency cases of individuals who need immediate assistance.

Since established in 2001

Accton Contributed

has been donated to various charity groups in Taiwan through Accton E-platform
has been donated directly to families in need through Accton E-platform
Families have received help by Accton E-platform

Assist Charity Organizations

Accton E-Charity website is also a platform for other charity organizations to broadcast the necessities and human resources they need, or to fundraise through our website so that their pleas can reach to enterprises and the public. These services are provided free of charge. Up to 2018, we have 344 charity group members and 300 thousand individual members. Together we can help the underprivileged communities in various ways.

Juridical Association for Taiwan Charitable Service (since 2003)

Per regular visits to welfare organizations and rural schools we work with, we always make sure the resources they truly need are quickly provided – rather than providing them necessities we assume to be needed.

Organizations and schools received necessities
Equivalence of goods donated
Organizations and schools received our donations
Donated to the 8 groups

Accton Cultural and Educational Foundation

Accton Cultural and Educational Foundation has always been committed to improving rural education with our resources. Through sponsoring children’s breakfast and award them with scholarships, they will be able to focus on their studies and create a better future for themselves.

Christmas gifts delivered to underprivileged children (from 2003 to 2018)
Breakfasts sponsored (from 2014 to 2018)
Scholarships offered to students from low-income families (from 2008 to 2017)

I. Christmas Make-A-Wish

Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation and Hotel Royal Hsinchu have co-hosted the Christmas Make-A-Wish event for 15 years since 2003. Every year before Christmas, we invite over 20 companies in Hsinchu Science Park to fulfill wishes of underprivileged children in the local area by purchasing presents they selected and delivering to them. In 2018, Accton has gathered 20 companies and raised 2941 Christmas presents. A total of 33,752 gifts were delivered since 2003.

II. Breakfast for Elementary School Students

Accton has sponsored breakfast for underprivileged children of 21 schools in Hsinchu. In 2018, we sponsored 41,990 breakfasts. From 2014 to 2018, Accton has provided 186,379 breakfast.

III. Hope Scholarships

For 15 years Accton has collaborated with Taiwan Fund for Children and Families – Hsinchu branch, and offered Hope Scholarships to rural underprivileged youth in Wufeng and Jianshi Junior High Schools. In 2018, NTD$426,800 were awarded. These scholarships are not limited to students who excel in academic performance, but also those who are just hardworking. By awarding these students, they can continue schooling and eventually improve their lives through education. From 2008 to 2018, Accton has offered NTD$5,570,040 for the Scholarships.

Volunteering Activities

  • Cheer for dozens of young cyclists (aged 12-16) while they take on the challenge of cycling around Taiwan. Additionally, we re-energize them with beverages and tasty snacks. Community-care organizations host this 11 days and 1000 kilometers activity every year during the summer holidays. It aims to empower and encourage teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • In collaboration with the Andrew Charity Association, our colleagues packed 500 food boxes and donated them to children from underprivileged families.