Accton Technology Corporation Wins the 25th National Quality Award for Manufacturing Quality

Accton Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2345), a global premier provider of networking and communications solutions, won the Best Practice Award for Manufacturing Quality of the prestigious National Quality Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a national recognition for exemplary performance.

Accton has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing networking equipment, and is particularly specialized in data center switch, enterprise switch, and enterprise wireless products. Accton has been recognized by many international top-tier players and has formed long-term partnerships with them. Recommended by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan) to participate in the 25th National Quality Award selection, Accton passed initial evaluations, a rigorous site visit and review process from a panel of judges for over a year. Accton has stood out from nearly one hundred competitors and was selected to receive the Best Practice Award for Manufacturing Quality at the 25th National Quality Awards in November 2018.

Accton is committed to providing products and services with quality. We have developed the following quality policy: “We are continuously improving, evolving and regenerating as a means to remain competitive to ever-changing market dynamics. Our emphasis is on building a winning team that can focus on customer satisfaction in delivering core values and experience continued growth with our business partners.” And, we incorporate a quality management system into our business model and partnership ecosystem. Through applying lean and agile management, Accton has implemented and gradually enhanced its quality system and awareness, leading to an agile quality culture. Some remarkable progress has been achieved, including a significant reduction in manufacturing lead times and an increase in one-time repair pass rates, these resulted in customer satisfaction, more opportunities for long-term collaboration, and an increase in the global market share of ODM switches of up to 30%. With our cutting-edge technologies in networking, Accton has produced and contributed the world’s first Open Compute Project (OCP) certified 10G data center switch, and also designed 25/40/100/400G switches. Accton has established close partnerships with upstream and downstream supply chains within the industry and, therefore, become a global leader in this market.

In response to receiving this award, Chih-Chiang Lee, the president of Accton expressed: “The Accton Group is committed to the mission of  “to connect cloud communities through innovative networking solutions, to deliver quality of life and a safe environment”. We have been constantly upgrading our product designs, improving supply chain management and quality management, strengthening our businesses, and serving customers. By participating in the National Quality Awards, we hope to take our quality management system to the next level. During the evaluation process, we received valuable feedback for growth and confirmation that our quality policy and implementation approach is correct. We would like to encourage companies and organizations that wish to participate in the next National Quality Award; quality is a promise that cannot be compromised. One must persist in making progress and be aware that no progress means regress. We appreciate all colleagues who are committed to quality management and the recognition that the National Quality Award judges have bestowed upon us.”

About the National Quality Award
The National Quality Award was established in 1990 to recognize Taiwan’s companies, organizations, and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance in quality systems. The winners serve as examples for others and can lead Taiwan’s industries to continuously pursue innovation and performance excellence, and strengthen international competitiveness. The National Quality Award has had 24 iterations and awarded 126 companies, groups and individuals in the past. Since its establishment, the award has been transformed in response to changing societal demands. Accton Technology received an Enterprise Award at the 6th National Quality Awards.

About Accton
Accton Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2345) is a global premier provider of networking and communications solutions. After 30 years of network product design and development experience, Accton has built a highly-qualified global workforce that produces leading-edge integrated open hardware and software solutions for data center, carrier access, and campus networks. Accton works closely with its long-term global partners to deliver next-generation designs that customers demand. Accton and its subsidiaries have 4300 employees worldwide, and the consolidated revenue for 2017 was USD 1.19 billion.

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