IoT Integration Solution

Solutions for smart life and IoT service integration platforms that enhance the quality of life

Accton devotes itself to building fundamental cloud-based IoT solutions by integrating end-devices. Accton aims to decrease client operating expenses and enhance service quality, providing real-time product status and data transparency, and further to analyze user behavior patterns through accumulated data.

Accton’s IoT solution development covers three main areas:

  • Integrating networking protocols and developing service applications
  • Creating a database for big data application services
  • Partnership and collaboration with alliances in the IoT ecosystem

By connecting IoT demands from different communities and through virtualized, digitalized solutions, Accton aims to enhance the quality of life with all alliances.

Smart Buildings

The essentials of Accton’s smart home and living solutions are security, convenience, and comfort.
The Accton Smart Home solution provides an App that monitors real-time status through a home gateway and multiple wireless sensors, including a door/window sensor, motion sensor, siren, smoke detector, gas detector, temperature/humidity sensor, power socket, and an IP camera.
For core families and singles, Accton provides the WaltzOne, an all-in-one smart device that integrates multiple sensors in one unit. Live simple, live safe!
For the smart building pre-installation market, the Accton all-in-one smart home gateway integrates a number of traditional wired devices and adds to it a new-generation network interface. The Accton smart home gateway includes a smart-living end-user management program to create a new integrated service device that has obtained many patents.

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Smart Light Control and Environment Surveillance Systems

Due to fast population growth, lighting and energy must strive to meet the sustainable trends in energy, water, and cost-efficiency. The Ceres smart light control system is a cloud-based management system that enables remote monitoring and setting adjustment. Its smart illuminance setting reduces power waste. Moreover, the device can be extended as an environment surveillance controller to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, and sound. For example, pairing the gateway with one or more wireless sensors, such as sprinklers and soil moisture sensors, allows for a radical transformation of grass and plants watering process. Setting thresholds of soil moisture to activate the sprinklers is a guaranteed way to save water.

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IoT in Heterogeneous Market Applications

The Aigeia – a unique cloud-based monitoring solution for ultra-low temperature environments equipped with thermal resistant sensors. By utilizing digital data-loggers (DDLs), this solution maintains its accuracy even under freezing temperatures of -100°C found in critical medical storage rooms to preserve vaccines, STEM cells, and bone marrow. Moreover, Aigeia sensors are wireless and compatible with a variety of freezers used in temperature-controlled supply chains. The monitoring is performed on mobile or web and in the event of a power failure, abnormal temperature or security breach, the system sends real-time alerts via Line, email, and SMS. Aigeia is a system developed with focus on flexibility and durability, two key requirements of biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical applications.

The Airis – a Smart Healthcare solution specifically designed for Nursing homes and Care centers. The world’s first solution to combine Smart and Inclusive Care into one package featuring lighting control, smart bed, and security monitoring.

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